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Abby Peralta wasn’t supposed to be home—she was supposed to have left for lunch with her friends—but when a nagging feeling brings her back to the house, she sees the basement door is open. Before she has a chance to close it, she screams at the sight of a dead woman’s body at the bottom of the stairs, and with her husband, the well-known, well-liked, and well-off Dr. Jasper Peralta, nowhere to be found, Abby comes face-to-face with questions that are no longer rhetorical.

Have her suspicions her husband has been sleeping with one of her closest friends been right all along? Did she fall in love with the man she married or his money? Which bothers her most, cheater or murderer, and what does the answer say about her character?

Despite her best efforts, Abby knows reason doesn’t live where wrath does, and she begins to search for answers, considers calling the police, but when she checks the basement again, the body is gone. Then, her husband walks through the front door, acting ordinary as ever, and Abby is left alone, questioning everyone and everything.

The women’s reckoning you’ve been waiting for, The Tangled Webs We Weave is not your mother’s domestic suspense novel, as it pushes the boundaries of sexuality, social status, and loyalty in relationships, and I invite you to ask yourself: when you’ve got secrets of your own to keep, how far would you be willing to go to find the truth?

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Dear, suspicion. Meet obsession.

Fourteen-year-old Ben "the Bird Killer" Whitlock is acting strangely enough to be scary, and as only a homicide investigator would know, Ben's father Paul realizes getting to the truth might force him to grapple with one of the worst decisions a parent could ever face. At the same time, if Paul Whitlock only had his son to worry about, he'd consider himself lucky.


Paul's wife is an alcoholic, and her crippling infatuation with their youngest, chronically ill daughter is eating the household alive. Soon, Paul finds himself sifting through too many secrets, including the ones from his own past he’s desperate to understand. The spewing judgment from his closed-minded, suburban neighbors doesn’t help, but taking a peek behind the curtain of those same neighbors reveals the dysfunction doesn't stop at the Whitlock residence.


What's Done in the Dark serves up both sizzle and steak, weaving an insidious tale of paranoia wrapped in fear and resentment, of what happens when hysteria guides good intentions straight into the gutter, as three neighboring families wage wars with themselves and each other.

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Rachel Ann Taylor DuBrueler has been spellbound by the macabre since birth, and her wonderfully unconventional parents indulged her with as many age-inappropriate scary movies as she could get her hands on, fueling a permanent fascination with all things creepy, namely the storytelling she loves today. In her youth, Rachel proudly earned four degrees from West Virginia University, her home state’s flagship institution (Go Mountaineers!), and she considers herself a perpetual student even though she stopped paying her Mensa dues years ago.


Currently, Rachel lives just outside of Richmond, VA with her husband, twin stepsons, and adopted Doberman Pinschers, and while her days are spent in corporate strategy and finance, her late nights and weekends are spoken for by the twisty psychological thrillers she can’t keep herself from writing. When she isn’t at her laptop, you’ll find her exhausting friends and family with a lively debate about science, economics, politics, and current events or shouting at the TV as she watches the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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The suspense of [pursuing publishing] is nothing compared to reading the book. There's more than one twist in this tale.

By Kathryn Ghion

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